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Wishing Well donated to Alaw Ward

Bangor & Anglesey Mail Article

Alaw Cancer Unit were given a generous donation of £2800 on behalf of the Gwynedd School of Dance and Our Ladies Primary School, Bangor last week.

The money was raised from the ‘Sheila’s Wish Charity Ball’ held in November 2008 at the Gwesty Carreg Mon, Anglesey.

The Ball was organised by Natalie Robb, principal of Gwynedd School of Dance in Memory of her good friend Sheila Kay.

Sheila , 39 who has three children, Allannah, 9, Tyler, 7, Aidan, 4, who are all pupils of both Gwynedd School of Dance and Our Ladies Primary School, lost her battle against cancer in September 2008.

Sheila’s wish was that rather than flowers at her funeral, donations were to be made to Alaw ward to help other cancer sufferers, of which an additional £500 was donated.

Natalie decided that she could do more to help and came up with the idea for the ‘Sheilas Wish Charity Ball’.

Natalie and her team of organisers Ian Kay (Sheila’s husband) Mererid Williams and Annalie Hughes worked intensely for 6 weeks to pull the Ball together, with fantastic results enjoyed by pupils, parents, teachers and friends of Gwynedd School of Dance and Our Ladies Primary School.

An amazing raffle was organised with some fabulous prizes donated by many local businesses as well as high profile national companies such as E-ON productions, Jaguar and Stenaline, plus Kylie signed memorabilia and West end Theatre Tickets and many more.

With performances on the night by Natalie and her team of dancers, along with music and vocal perfomance from Wesley Parry.

With generous donations from Chester Nuffield Hospital, The Welsh Motoring Organisation, Hogan Ltd, KJ Events and Gwesty Carreg Mon, the Sheila’s Wish charity ball was a huge success and will be back by popular demand this year.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough to all the wonderful people that helped make Sheila’s Wish the success it was” said Natalie “everyone had a great evening and looked fabulous too! I can’t wait to see what this year brings, I have many ideas and we can make it bigger and better to give the patients and staff of Alaw Ward all the help we possibly can.

The £2800 that we have raised will go straight to the ward, part of this money will be used to have a purpose built ‘Sheila’s Wishing Well’ made for the renovation of the Alaw Ward Garden for patients and their families to enjoy”

Ian Kay, Sheila’s husband was astounded by the response and generosity of everyone involved and knows that Sheila would have been overwhelmed by what has been achieved to help other cancer sufferers.

The ‘Sheila’s Wish Charity Ball’ will be taking place again in Autumn 2009.

More information can be found on the website www.sheilaswish.co.uk

Alternatively you can contact Natalie Robb on 01248 361306 regarding ball information or your donation.